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Character Information
Character Name: Link
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time) (Manga)

Character History:
In the Kokiri Forest, all the forest children have their own guardian Fairies, bestowed upon them by the Great Deku Tree, except for one boy...

Link never really fit in with the other Kokiri children. He was ostracized by the others (especially Mido, leader of the Kokiri) because he was different. Not only did he change and grow older, but, he did not have a guardian fairy like all of the other children. (Link would later discover that this was because he was Hylian and not a Kokiri.) His only true friend who accepted him was a girl named Saria. He shared with her his dreams of someday leaving the forest.

Everything changed the day he was summoned to help the Great Deku Tree, by his very own fairy, Navi. When Link and Mido discovered that Gohma (a monster sent by a mysterious man in black) had been sucking the energy out of the Great Deku Tree, they challenged her in battle and managed to kill her. Sadly, their efforts were for naught, because the Great Deku Tree died, despite their bravery.

The Great Deku Tree, before he succumbed, told Link that there was a man who wielded terrible power and wished to rule all of Hyrule and make the Triforce (a sacred object of the goddesses) his own. The Great Deku Tree told Link to go and stop him, to leave the forest, to grow and to the princess chosen by the gods and give her sacred Kokiri Emerald.

As Link left the forest, his friend Saria gave him her ocarina.

When Link arrived at Castletown, he met a girl his age. When he told her about his mission, she told him that she knew the Princess. She promised him that if he played with her all day, she would take him to where the Princess was. Link agreed, and the two had a wonderful time together. Their fun was cut short when Gerudo bandits attacked them, trying to take the girl. Link fought them off, but when he looked again, the girl was gone.

They would meet again the next day, when Link managed to sneak into the castle. His new friend was none other than Princess Zelda.

Zelda confided in Link that she has had dreams about a great evil overtaking Hyrule, but also of a boy from the forest with a fairy and a stone. She believed the Evil was Ganondorf, a man from the Gerudo tribe. Her father did not believe her premonitions, and she was worried for the future of her country.

Together, she and Link made a plan to get the remaining Spiritual Stones (one from the Gorons, one from the Zora) and get to the Triforce before Ganondorf.

In their innocence, upon collecting the Spiritual Stones, playing the Ocarina of Time, and opening the doorway into the Sacred Realm, they led Ganondorf right to the Triforce.

Link was sealed away for seven years until he was old enough to be the Hero of Time. When he emerged from the Temple of Time as an adult, the Hyrule he knew as a child was gone. Zelda was gone. The country was in ruins. He had to awaken seven sages and defeat Ganondorf, to return Hyrule to its rightful state and ruler.

After an incredibly difficult journey, and facing many battles, Link manged to make six sages aware of their sacred duties. All of these sages were beloved friends he had met along the way.

With the help of Navi and six sages, he finally found his Princess Zelda. Zelda was the seventh sage, and it would take the combined powers of all seven sages and Link himself to defeat Ganondorf. She further revealed that when Ganondorf had touched the Triforce, because his heart was so unbalanced, the Triforce split into three pieces. Power, went to Ganondorf. Wisdom, went to Zelda, and Courage, went to Link himself.

In a truly horrific battle, Link managed to defeat Ganondorf and free Hyrule from his terrible rule. Zelda apologized to Link for her mistake of having him open the Sacred Realm. She begged him to allow her to return him to his proper time so he could have a real childhood. Link reluctantly agreed.

Link returned to his childhood, where no one knew of his deeds (except the royal family, when he told them), and Navi left him on his own. He saved Hyrule, but at a bit of a personal cost.

Character Personality:

Link is a courageous and kind boy. That being said, he is still a 10 year old boy. He likes all of the things a normal boy his age (and homeland) would like; fishing, riding his horse, playing games in the shooting gallery. He never knew his real parents, and between being raised by other children and a Tree, he does curse at times and have a few quirks when it comes to being formal.

Link has a little trouble dealing with the aftermath of Time Travel and alternate time-lines. The people of Hyrule, outside those in the Royal Family, have no idea he is a Hero. He isn't quite sure where he fits in. Eventually, these troubles will grow into regret (no one remembers his bravery, because for them, it never happened) as he ages and will cause him to become a Shade when he dies, bound to the land of the living by regret. But, at this age, 10 years old, he is still very much a happy little boy with high hopes for the future.

He likes making friends, and tends to be fiercely loyal to those friends. He loves easily, but, is by no means naive. He has been through a lot for a child, and while he doesn't feel cheated or wronged, he has a hard time with fitting in.

He does not like or tolerate inequality. Link is quick to stick up for the little guy, and has no patience for bullies. He has gotten into fights when he was younger with Mido, leader of the Kokiri, who bullied him for being different. He's not above a knock-down-drag-out fight with a peer if pushed too far.

Link is an expert swordsman even at his young age, and is truly the "Hero of Time". He has a burning love for Hyrule and his princess and has dedicated his life to both. Sometimes he wishes that the older Zelda had let him stay in the future so he could have helped rebuild Hyrule, but, he trusts her decision, even though he misses her terribly. Navi leaving him also has left him with a sense of loss, and is somehow worse than having to leave the older Zelda, since he was able to befriend (again) her younger self in his new timeline.

Powers and Abilities:

Link possess courage, as one might expect from the one who holds the Triforce of Courage. He is an accomplished swordsman, a brave warrior, and has a great deal of determination. With the Ocarina of Time he had the ability to change weather, travel, change time, and mend destruction.



[Bright blue eyes peer at the camera and a young voice asks,]

Does anyone want to practice their fighting skills with me? I'd love to have a sparring partner! I promise to go easy on you. Oh! And you won't hurt me, so don't worry about that. I could teach you how to use a sword if you like.

If not---is there anywhere good to go fishing around here? I haven't had a chance to go fishing in a long time.

Just let me know, okay?

[Link smiles at the camera and jabs a finger at it until the feed ends.]

Third Person:

Link wasn't sure what to think about this city. There were all sorts of people here, and he certainly didn't mind that. There were all types of people in Hyrule, after all. No one needed rupees, which was nice. He had even seen other kids here!

But, what worried Link was, that voice.

The boy frowned and tapped one boot against the back of his leg. That voice had called him, called him to wake. It was such a familiar thing. Navi had done the same thing when he had been summoned to the Great Deku Tree.

He understood it was the City that had called him. It didn't even bother him that a City had the ability to talk. Why shouldn't a City talk? If Trees and Owls could speak, why not?

Link just wondered why. Why was he called here? Did someone need his help? Was someone hurt? It didn't seem like he was really needed in any way. The city wasn't at war. The people didn't need a Hero.

Was it possible that he was called for his own sake? That thought stopped Link in his tracks. The last person who had though of him and his welfare had been older-Zelda.

Maybe this was a place where he could actually belong? A place where he could fit in and not be an outcast? Not just a hero (to the royal family) or (to the rest of Hyrule) that weird fairy-boy without a fairy?

He smiled a little, climbing up a tree, in order to get a better view of his new home. Maybe he didn't have to worry about monsters to slay, or quests, or heroics of any sort. Maybe here he could have that childhood Zelda wanted him to have.


Link settled onto a sturdy branch, resting his back against the trunk of the tree. His eyes were already growing heavy. Trees brought a strange sense of comfort to him, a reminder of the forest where he had grown up, and the Guardian who had raised him.

Normally he would have played the ocarina a bit, just to hear it echo in the crisp air. But, today he was too tired. So, instead, he curled closer to the tree and shut his eyes. Tomorrow, he would try to find his purpose here, whatever it might be. Whether it was to just be a child for a while, like Zelda had wanted, or if he truly was needed---it didn't matter to Link.

For now, he was just happy to have a place to rest.


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